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    Based on the theory of exstasis, my senior thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design aims to engross viewers in a moment of unconscious competence.  This state, also known as the Flow State, renders the past and future irrelevant, as the present moment becomes universally engrossing.  The work is accompanied by a sensuous and dynamic soundtrack created with noises collected and recorded with the theme of Time in mind.  The main attraction is a live performance by me, with my Led Hula hoop.   The hoop is tracked by a Kinect sensor and fed into TouchDesigner.  Using the shape of the hoop as an emitter, particles and other animations themed on time, will use the hoop as a source.  The layout of the work is predetermined.  However, as the flow state is very much about being present, a lot of the routine consists of me improvising.  The fact that Touch Designer will track everything live allows for this sort of organic engrossment to happen. 



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