Audio Visual Technical Designer

Hula Hoop Tracker

    Based in the theory of exstasis, my senior thesis at Savannah College of Art and Design aims to engross viewers in a moment of unconscious competence.  This state, also known as the Flow State, renders the past and future irrelevant, as the present moment becomes universally engrossing.  The work is accompanied by a sensuous and dynamic soundtrack created with noises collected and recorded with the theme of Time in mind.  The main attraction will be a live performance by me, with my Led Hula hoop.  As the lights of the hoop are individually addressable, I will program them to cycle through a pre-animated set of images.  These images and color schemes will be tracked by a Kinect sensor and fed into touch designer.  Using the shape of the hoop as an emitter, particles and other animations themed on Time will use the hoop as a source.  The layout of the work will be predetermined.  However as the flow state is very much about being present, a lot of the routine consists of me improvising.  The fact that Touch Designer will track everything live, allows for this sort of organic engrossment to happen. 
    Time, as related to exstasis provides many provoking ideas including a debate on the linear or cyclical nature of time.  Both are abstract concepts, and just as they are concepts invented by the human psyche, I will create abstract animations.  When thinking of the past I will look to tracers, motion blur and memorials.  The future will be based off the undefined, unknown and the concept of unfolding.  

Art direction - Madison Hague-Rogers

Design - Madison Hague-Rogers